The fund for women in ill health

Margaret's Fund has a new website here

Caring Professionals can still make an application on this site, you simply go to the usual page, login or register as a user and apply online. Apply Here

For general guidelines on how we decide eligibility for funding please see our guidelines page.

Please note that only applications made using the website form (through a caring professional) are considered. If any caring professional has difficulty with the website form, there is a downloadable word document Download A caring professional can complete this and post it to us, or email it as an attachment - but only fully completed forms of this kind are considered. Email applications in other formats are not allowed. Any other applications will be rejected as from the 1st February 2016. In each case all applications must be made by a caring professional on behalf of the person applied for.

Margarets Fund (UK registered charity, number 210615) is here to give financial assistance to women in the UK who are in need, and who are in ill health. We are a charity and a non-profit organisation helping poor and unwell women in the UK.

Important note for applicants: only Caring Professionals can apply for a grant for a woman in their care. If successful, all grants will be made payable to the Caring Professional's organisation - not to the individual for whom the application is made. This is done according to the rules of our organisation, to help prevent wrongful applications.

We help with assistance such as disability grants, funding for mobility scooters, wheelchair grants, money towards a stair-lift, finance for medical equipment and so on.

In recent years Margaret's made grants for items such as a stairlift (£500) a mobility scooter (£400) and a recliner chair (£500) all for women in different parts of the UK and all through different Caring Professionals' Organisations. Other financial assistance includes grants for a cooker (£300) a Respite Break (£200) and a computer (£400) again, all for women in need.

There is full guidance to the kind of assistance we can give on the page called "how we can help". You can use this website to directly apply for funding for a woman you feel will qualify for our help. See "apply for funds" which is highlighted in red in the the top menu

Donations to Margaret's Fund can be made online securely on this site - anything small or large is most welcome. You can rest assured your money will go to a good cause and will be used to directly help women who are in financial need and suffering from illness in the UK. What's more, we have a strict policy of never sharing details about our donors with any other organisations in any circumstances.